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Kingvale Lodge Policies

The goal at the Kingvale Lodge is to provide our guests with clean, comfortable, safe and affordable living quarters. We want your stay to be remembered as an enjoyable experience that invites repeat visits to the Kingvale Lodge. To accomplish this goal, we have adopted these policies which our guests are required to read and follow. To avoid the possibility of having an unexpected additional charge being posted to your credit card upon departure, the reservation process requires guests to acknowledge that they have understood and agreed to comply with our published Kingvale Lodge Policies.

Reservation Policy – All reservations are made on-line by clicking the "BOOK NOW" button on our website. All reservations require an advance deposit of the entire expected cost of your stay. The Estimated Cost of Occupancy will be charged to the credit card you provide. You will then receive a confirmation of your reservation by return email confirming your arrival and departure dates, directions, your Unit number and your Private Entry Access Code to your Unit. Confirmed reservations are subject to our cancellation policy. All rates and dates are final upon confirmation.

Check-In PolicyThere is no formal check-in at the Kingvale Lodge. Your Unit will be available for occupancy at 3:00 PM on the scheduled day of your arrival. Your Private Entry Access Code is activated at 3:00 PM on the day of your arrival. Earlier occupancy requires advance arrangements and additional charges.

Check-Out PolicyThere is no formal check-out at the Kingvale Lodge. Check-out time is 10:00 AM on the scheduled day of your departure. Your Private Entry Access Code will expire at 10:00 AM. If you have registered in advance for our Special Sunday Late Check-Out for weekend guests staying both Friday and Saturday night, you may depart as late as 6:00 PM on the Sunday evening following your minimum two night stay during non-holiday weekends.

Cancellation PolicyAll cancellations or changes are subject to a cancellation fee. If you cancel or change your reservation between the time your reservation is confirmed and 10 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, you will be charged a $50.00 per night, per Unit, cancellation fee. If you cancel or change your reservation within 10 days of your scheduled arrival date, there are no refunds. There are no exceptions to our cancellation policy due to inclement weather, late arrivals, early departures, or for any unused portion of your stay. The Kingvale Lodge reserves the right to cancel all or part of your reservation for any reason, with all fees refunded on a daily pro-rated basis.

Pet Policy – No pets are allowed in or around the Kingvale Lodge.

Non-Smoking Policy – Kingvale Lodge is a non-smoking facility. No smoking inside, or around the Units.

Violation of our Pet Policy or Non-Smoking Policy will result in a $500.00 cleaning fee being charged to your credit card after your departure.

Damage Policy – In the event there is any damage to the Kingvale Lodge property, the Unit or its furnishings, your credit card will be charged for the cost of the repair or replacement of the items. Each of our Units are furnished with an inventory of items including television remotes, furniture, fixtures, pictures, appliances, linens, cookware and tableware. Guests are responsible for the return of all items in good condition at the end of their stay. Please advise us of any damages or breakage. We may be able to waive the cost if we can replace the items from available stock.

Maximum Occupancy Policy – The stated maximum occupancy of each Unit must be observed and maintained through the duration of your stay. If you exceed the stated maximum occupancy of your Unit, the result will be an additional charge to your credit card of $50.00 per additional person, per night of occupancy.

Housekeeping Service Policy – The Kingvale Lodge does not provide daily housekeeping services. For guests staying 4 nights or more, linens, towels and toiletries will be replaced mid-way through your stay. Upon your departure, set the Unit thermostat down to 52 degrees, turn off all the lights, take out your garbage, make sure the TV remotes are next to the televisions, and close all windows. Guests are responsible for the proper washing, drying and storage of dishes, silverware and cookware, and the removal of all items from the refrigerator. If housekeeping has to perform any of these tasks, there will be a service fee of $50.00 charged to your credit card.

Important Things to Remember

Snow Removal – One thing we have a lot of is snow! Snow removal is a big job during storms. We contract for snow removal with a local snow removal contractor. Please be prepared to move your vehicle into a cleared area so the entire parking lot can be cleared. The parking lot is usually cleared at 7:30 AM during periods of snowfall.

Dangerous Winter Conditions – Winter conditions are inherently dangerous due to snow accumulation, wind and temperature changes. Parking lots, walkways and stairs can be slippery. Watch your step and use winter footwear when walking outside. Always be aware of accumulating snow and watch for snow and ice shedding from roofs.

Road Conditions – Chains or snow tires may be advised or required depending on road conditions. Always carry chains.

Parking – Parking is free of charge. Park in front of the Kingvale Lodge. Do not park in or block access to the driveway.

Courtesy – Please be courteous to other guests. Return snow play equipment and shovels to the storage area. Turn off all lights when not in use. Be aware of noise after hours.

Kingvale Lodge
51228 Donner Pass Road
Soda Springs, CA 95728

Call Toll-Free: (866) 426-3560
Kingvale Lodge is located on the western slope of the Sierra Crest and only 5 miles from Sugar Bowl. When traveling east on Interstate 80, take the Kingvale Exit 171, turn left and cross under the freeway, and then turn right and continue one-half mile east on the historic Donner Pass Road.

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